About Us: Nutrition

Run by Registered Nutritionists and passionate foodies, FoodTrac’s Nutritional Division are keen to educate people on the virtues of a healthy diet and creating novel food products to help people meet the recommended intakes of nutrients. We love to share our passion for fruits and vegetables: from growing them through to cooking/processing and ultimately what happens to our bodies when we eat them.

Specialties: Human nutrition research; food manufacture; new product development; public health; cardiovascular disease; vascular reactivity; obesity; satiety; fruits and vegetables; phytochemicals.

Our continuing research into the effects of foods and beverages primarily of plant orgin on blood pressure and arterial stiffness as well as on measures of hunger and fullness through human intervention trials.

We also participate in public engagement activites including interactive exhibits such as “Full of Beans” and “Edible Insects” as well as public speaking as part of the Food and Nutrition Mini Series at Life, Science Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Our key research specialities include the physiological effects of phytochemicals from edible plants on healthy populations and those at risk from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and obesity.

FoodTrac Scientifics Nutrition team can design and runs human dietary intervention trials investigating the effects of chronic and acute consumption of phytochemical-rich foods, such as fruit and vegetable juices, soups, and puree-based drinks; champagne; green tea; blackcurrants; blueberries and beetroot, on vascular reactivity, blood pressure and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Our expertise lies in real-time in vivo measures of blood flow and arterial stiffness. In addition, we conducts studies to investigate the effects of fruit and vegetable-enriched products on measures of satiety, consumer acceptance and post-processing phytochemical concentrations.

Our scientists are long term members of several professional bodies including: Nutrition Society, American Society for Nutrition, Institute of Food Science and Technology, Royal Society of Chemistry, Society of Chemical Industry, American Chemical Society and The Carotenoid Society.