About Us: Analysis

Our key specialties focus on the interaction of food components upon heating and the formation of colour, flavour compounds and non desirable process contaminants. In particular, FoodTrac scientific offers bespoke service to identify parameters affecting the formation of acrylamide, (a toxic compound present in certain foods) in a series of foodstuffs and chemical reaction model systems.

FoodTrac Scientific offer are equipped with an impressive suite of state of the art scientific equipment including Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry as well as  Gas Chromatography Time of flight Mass spectrometer (GC- TOF MS) coupled with an Olfactometric detector as well as the newly refurbished, fully computerised (Fizz, Biosystèmes, France) sensory evaluation suite.

Our team of specialist scientist offer bespoke on site and of site training courses in all aspects of food manufacturing, production, packaging and analysis, ensuring you are kept up to date with the latest developments at a time of continually changing legal directives from national and international agencies such as the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Regulatory Affairs) and EFSA (European Food Standards Agency) developing and developing custom teaching and research activities while he has participated in numerous governmental and industrially sponsored projects related to new product development, determination of food contaminants and off flavours, sensory analysis, and product quality mapping.

Our services are supported by cutting edge academic research which feature in prominent journals including Food Chemistry, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and Food Additives and Contaminants.